Today’s Five Things That Are Making Me Crazy – I


It’s all getting out of hand.

1.       Congress has taken leave of its senses and is considering making rape victims who seek abortions answerable to the IRS. I mean actually go in and tell them what happened, re-live the whole experience—and let little government bureaucrats decide whether or not it’s really a rape and an abortion is justifiable. But the Right (the inventors of the lie about a single-payer healthcare system resulting in “death panels”) says it wants smaller government. I think they want smaller government when it comes to letting them do whatever they want, especially where giving allowances to stupidly wealthy corporations in which they have a vested interest is concerned or keeping the tax breaks for the rich, but they want bigger government when it comes to controlling the masses.

2.       One example of another attempt to break up “evil big government” is to deregulate Monsanto’s genetically altered Round-up Ready Alfalfa (or whatever the hell it is) so it can be fed to cattle and end up in our diets. They say it’s not dangerous…Do you believe them? I don’t believe anything that comes out of their mouths anymore! Watch the documentary film “Food, Inc.” and you’ll never eat again. Haven’t you seen little seven-year-old girls with mature breasts from drinking milk from hormone-saturated cows? I have! It’s freaky! But if you want to buy natural food, food that hasn’t been processed to death, food that isn’t loaded with chemicals and hormones—you have to be rich! I can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods! I have to eat plastic food from regular grocery stores!

3.       Not only is our government divorced from reality on the whole economic front and the high unemployment issue (which they’re just ignoring!), but they want to deregulate any kind of safety measures currently in effect for workplaces! I watched this film called “The Race to the Bottom”, a short but extremely effective piece that I saw on Truthout. There was a fire in Bangladesh that killed over 20 people, very similar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 that killed over 146 factory workers. Like the 125 women and 21 men that died 100 years ago in the Triangle fire, the people in the fire that occurred in Bangladesh couldn’t get out of the building because the main exit was engulfed in smoke and flames; the other exit was locked so they wouldn’t steal any of the clothes they made. They jumped out the windows from the 11th floor—just like the girls in the Triangle Factory. This just happened in December 2010. The factory they worked for makes the clothes you spend a fortune on at Gap.

4.       The workers in Bangladesh demonstrated for a raise in wages—to $0.35 an hour. Gap wouldn’t give it to them! Walmart won’t give it to them! A raise in those people’s wages would be “an impediment to free trade.” The film “Race to the Bottom” tells how the wage paid to the women of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory 100 years ago translates to a little over $3.00 an hour today. Those people in 2010 Bangladesh were beaten by the police for asking to be paid $0.35 an hour in today’s dollars! And Walmart and Gap said “No”. Now here in the good old USA, we have how many governors attempting to wipe out collective bargaining rights? It just makes me want to walk up to these guys, look them square in the eye—and kick them in the balls so hard they sound like Mickey Mouse for the rest of their sad little lives!

5.       What is with Obama? Whose side is he on? I liked the big push for the health care thing, but since Obama didn’t push hard enough, the people got shortchanged while the insurance companies won! You say “Single-payer system”, they say “Socialist pig! Burn the witch!” And ironically it’s the consumers that need their insurance that get burned. I liked that Obama hired Elizabeth Warren to start that commission to protect consumers; but he’s letting her get walked all over by the banks! She’s a smart lady with a lot of integrity—and they’re trying to eat her alive! It’s kind of like Obama throws a punch at the Right—and ends up shaking hands with them and making deals! He wants to build more nuclear plants in the US—using Toshiba, the company that brought threats of nuclear meltdowns in Japan and toxic fallout to our own West Coast! What is Obama thinking?

Oh, that’s not everything, but I better save some so I don’t explode tomorrow…

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