Some Women are just DIM


On Google news, I read an opinion column by a little twit named Carrie Lukas: There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap (Wall Street Journal, 4/12/11).


She says a “study” shows that women actually earn 8% more than men. She says men “tend to work in the construction industry” and as truck drivers. Their jobs are more dangerous, so they should be paid more. Their unemployment rate is higher than women’s.

She didn’t mention who participated in the study or how many people were involved. Her “opinion” sounds like she was parroting a tea-bagger, probably a male one at that. Of course, the comments were great: A lot of men whining about “Nazis in nylons” and how men die earlier. That’s because they take more physical risks than the majority of women do…well, the majority of mature women, anyway. I’ve seen my share of little girls driving their BMWs that Daddy bought them, weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds, tailgating and driving just like…men. They think it makes them cool.

What about all those white collar jobs that go to men and not women? Why are there more male CEOs than females? She says women take more time off from work to have babies, etc. What about companies that allow men to take a six-week leave to care for a newborn? There are companies that do that. What about women who have worked in factories where the labor force is mainly male and they have to deal with annoying sexual harassment? They don’t get paid extra for having to put up with that crap.

Carrie, are you even aware of the pending lawsuit against Walmart for discriminatory practices in hiring and promoting women to management positions? Are you located on another planet?

Obviously, Carrie, you haven’t lived long enough, dear. These men you’re sucking up to: They don’t want to share what they have with you. They want to share what you have, and then tell you you’re a “typical gold-digger” if you tell them to ante up for a change. You’re in for a very rocky road the first time you let one move in with you and he suddenly starts referring to your car that you bought before you even met him with your money, as his car.

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