My friend keeps asking me: “Why aren’t you blogging?”

After careful thought, I responded, “I have nothing to say.”

What can I say that isn’t being said already by all the other liberal bloggers on the internet with a far wider reading audience than the three people who have stumbled upon my editorials? I make my little comments about news stories on Facebook, and then quickly go watch a movie or read a book to take my mind off the latest horrors being reported.

We’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. That’s it. When Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are frontrunners in the GOP primaries, all of whom seem like cartoon characters, all you can do is shake your head.

Are we really debating whether people should be allowed to use birth control? Really? Of course, when you clap eyes on some of the people in the mountains of West Virginia and like places, who support the GOP against their own better interests, you know they’re not using birth control (also against their own better interests) and it’s never been an issue with them. They’re voting against their own better interests because they don’t want a “nigrah” in the White House. Universal health care? “Comm’nism”. As Bill Maher said, “I just want to get this guy some teeth. Why is that bad?”

Dear God, we have some states making laws that forbid a physician from telling a woman that there is a problem with her pregnancy if they think she might seek an abortion! Yet, once that child is born, if it needs extraordinary medical care the Right doesn’t think they should have to contribute to its care!

Everything the GOP does, says, stands for these days is geared to enabling large corporations, banks, insurance companies, the richest 1% of the population, and their cronies to benefit financially in leaps and bounds. Wall Street has turned into a total predator, even to its wealthiest main clients. Your money isn’t safe anywhere these days; the big banks are sniffing around trying to figure out a way to bleed depositors with fees levied on balances below a certain level. That level is difficult, if not impossible, for many people to support. The banks are not hurting by any means; they just want to maintain that exorbitant level of income they’ve grown to know and love.

It’s exhausting just to think about how screwed up we’ve become on how many levels! The Christian Right is behaving in a decidedly un-Christian manner—or, I don’t know, maybe it is Christian behavior, seeing how often in 2,000 years the Christian Church has displayed behavior and actions that are completely antithetic to the teachings of Jesus. The Christian Right wants to dictate our sexual behavior, yet they don’t want to feed the hungry or help the sick and infirm it seems. Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself” and they interpret that to mean donate to their nepotistic causes. Cities are making it illegal to feed the homeless; but we’re debating whether or not prayer should be allowed in public schools.

What can I say that isn’t already being said? It’s 2012, and the end of the Mayan calendar is less than a year away. What does it mean? Anything? Nothing? Natural disasters? Man-made disasters? A combination? The End of the World as We Know It? I haven’t started hoarding water and canned goods, although my son has expressed a little concern about whether we should be doing that. We live in a two-bedroom co-op; how much could we possibly store? Also, if it’s really a bad disaster, like if Long Island is suddenly inundated by a tidal wave and we’re just screwed—I don’t have the energy to go scavenging for food, and I certainly don’t want to be rounded up and herded to some sports arena for “relief”.

Nope. I’d rather die and go to the great genealogical research center in the sky.


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