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Japan’s Nuclear Reactors…Coming to Your Backyard Soon!


They’re talking about Japan’s nuclear reactors on Bill Maher this evening, and someone made the observation that the reactors were defective when they were built, people knew about it and hid it…How could this happen, and why is Obama so tepid about the whole thing?


Well, a couple of days ago I read an article on truthout.org about this very subject. Obama is a big fan of nuclear energy. (Come to find out, there’s a very large nuclear energy company called Exelon in Illinois, Obama’s home state. David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel both had business ties to Exelon.) This article mentioned something about Toshiba-GE being signed to come over here and build some nuclear reactors, starting on the Gulf coast in Texas.

Is that how Obama plans to create jobs?

I’m sure the Gulf coast is thrilled. They haven’t had enough problems, what with their entire coast enveloped in oil. How’s that cleanup going, by the way? Anyone heard anything lately, or did BP and Big Brother successfully manage to black out all the news?

But then again, it’s Texas…they like oil wells and nuclear plants.

For the first time this evening, I heard the term “fracking”, also on Bill Maher. I googled it and found out that fracking is drilling into the ground and injecting water and chemicals into the holes to release natural gas, a cheap and easy way to harvest natural gas—and pollute the ground water, destroy the environment—oh, and cause earthquakes! The places they’re fracking in, or want to frack in? New York, New Jersey, the Delaware basin, Pennsylvania; I’m sure they’ll venture even further west and eventually start fracking around the New Madrid fault. Oh…yeah, there’s a great big, long fault line running right up through the Midwest…right up to Illinois, in fact, the headquarters of Exelon.